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Welcome to EatMeetnGreet!

Hello there! We are Marvin and Kristen Speller, a married couple of 4 years and have been together for 7! Back in 2012, Marvin decided to go on a mission to figure out ways to get fit as a family. He came across a book called “Wheat Belly” written by Dr. William Davis. He ordered the book & asked me to join him. I said I would give him two weeks and after three days, I couldn’t go back.  The rest is history and Dr. Davis is now our personal friend! We collectively lost 125 pounds and have since kept most of it off (except the  10 pounds of vacation weight once a year!!) We then started our blog a year and half later and then our Youtube Channel, which we are bringing back in 2018!

We have since incorporated so many products to help us internally and externally along the way. In 2016, we became Vegetarian and have since gone mainly plant based with occasional fish here & there. Our health arsenal is vast and as we get older, our 19 year old daughter has joined us on this journey. It hasn’t always been easy through the highs and lows in life. There has been many on both sides. But we work through it. A lot of it has been related to our health and others have been what life throws at ya like death, which are out of our control. So we try to live our best lives everyday.

We are grateful for the strong, wonderful and happy marriage that we have. We are proud to have created EatMeetnGreet and we are happy to be alive.

Live each day as if it were your last. Laugh, laugh and LAUGH!

Welcome to our space!

Marvin and Kristen Speller